Body: Healthy Registered Massage Therapy

Body: Healthy Registered Massage Therapy Kamloops

Body: Healthy offers registered massage therapy in Kamloops, BC and is the office of Wendy McLean, RMT.

~ Now conveniently located in Aberdeen ~


Mission Statement and Values

  • Committed with honesty and integrity to providing advanced, highly effective care for patients.
  • To assist individuals to heal, recover and find their optimal function as rapidly as possible.
  • To offer support and patient education to assist patients to achieve their optimal health and wellness and to decrease the possibility of problems occurring in the future.
  • We follow principles of best practice, which includes taking a thorough medical history, assessment, treatment and patient education.
  • Massage therapy treatments have direct effects on the integration and function of the neurological, vascular, muscular, connective tissue and skeletal systems. The advanced skills of a registered massage therapist can have an extremely significant effect on people’s health in a way that is unique to this profession. I am proud to represent our profession and to be part of your journey to wellness.


After having hip replacement surgery I experienced chronic pain and decreased range of motion which affected my overall quality of life. Having regular treatments with Wendy has significantly improved my range of motion, and decreased the pain to the point where I no longer notice it except when overdoing activities and even then, the pain is still bearable. I was also worried that I would have an ugly scar, but Wendy has also reduced the scar to barely noticeable. She is a very experienced and caring therapist and as a fellow RMT I can testify to her skills.

— Theresa, RMT.