Body: Healthy offers Registered Massage Therapy in Kamloops, BC and is the office of Wendy McLean, RMT.

Finding the right practitioners to assist you in your health care journey can take time. Wherever you are in your journey, I will do my best to assist you.

As we mature and age and do different activities with our bodies we experience new challenges and learn better how to care for them. Hopefully we also learn how to best live with our specific body – its needs and quirks and how to live wiser, not harder, to accommodate it and give it the best care while getting the service and performance from it to fully enjoy and live our best life.

After having hip replacement surgery I experienced chronic pain and decreased range of motion which affected my overall quality of life. Having regular treatments with Wendy has significantly improved my range of motion and decreased the pain to the point where I no longer notice it ………. I was also worried that I would have an ugly scar, but Wendy has also reduced the scar to barely noticeable. She is a very experienced and caring therapist…

Theresa D.