Wendy McLean, RMT


Manual Therapy

  • Advanced Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Pregnancy, Peri-natal Massage, and Women’s Health, including pelvic instability, bladder concerns and restoration of muscle balance
  • Scar and adhesion treatment
  • Orofacial pain – Headache and Temporomandibular Disorder Care
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Technique
  • Trigger Point release
  • Visceral Mobilisation
  • Joint Mobilization

Active Therapy and Health Education

  • Postural correction techniques & exercises
  • Breathing pattern correction techniques and exercises
  • Rehabilitative Stretching, Strength and Core Home Training Programs
  • Wellness Optimization Techniques [qi gong; t’ai chi; yoga; mindfulness and meditation systems; alexander technique; feldenkrais]
  • Certified in Standard First Aid and CPR-C AED

Belatedly diagnosed with a rare teenage-onset auto-inflammatory disease of the spine in midlife, Wendy spent her youth seeking well-being, while being told there was nothing wrong with her spine. It is a statement to the effectiveness of Registered Massage Therapy and various forms of exercise that Wendy was able to live an active lifestyle and manage her condition, undiagnosed, for most of her life until a mid-life acute phase that finally lead to diagnosis and the addition of conventional treatment to her regimen.

Wendy grew up on a farm in the Fraser Valley, enjoying an outdoor lifestyle as a competitive equestrian and commuting and touring as a cyclist.  She began strength training at age sixteen to strengthen her spine and earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical geography and archaeology from Simon Fraser University, planning to go into natural resource management but also having a driving interest in all things wellness.  

Along the way she studied a variety of kinesthetic therapies, body-mind practices and yoga, finally focusing on T’ai Chi and Qi Gong, training with Osman Phillips (Saltspring) and Ken Cohen (Colorado) for many years.  Before becoming a RMT, she worked in a variety of physical jobs both to be outdoors and maintain fitness – horticulture, landscape construction, surveying and civil engineering.  

Wendy began studying at the post-graduate level in both gentle osteopathic techniques and deeper myofascial release and fascial structure while still a student at West Coast College of Massage Therapy.  She carried on studying osteopathic techniques post-graduate with an older generation of RMT’s who learned their osteopathic techniques directly from american osteopathic physicians (DO’s). 

Wendy’s background in physical geography gives her a strong mental three-dimensional “map” of structures and an understanding of systems theory – how the varied components of complex systems interact and affect each other.  Her other academic study was archaeology, including courses in kinesiology and physical anthropology, which provide insight into our anatomy and function. Wendy’s clinical orthopaedics instructor at WCCMT remarked that her understanding of orthopaedics was “exceptional”.

When Wendy is not working she may be found hiking, paddling, biking, reading, gardening, or playing with clay. She is also is involved in sustainability work.